Average Salary and Job Outlook for Public Relations

Job Outlook for Public Relations

If you’re looking into a career in public relations, the current prospects are excellent. There is an increasing importance for companies, organizations, and individuals to have personnel that portray the business in a positive light. This is particularly due to the increased use of the Internet, and the fact that public opinion can change rapidly. Because of this there is also a current trend on emphasizing community outreach and customer relations. Therefore, public relations departments are being added on or growing in size in most large companies and organizations.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, public relations jobs should grow 21 percent from the year 2010 to 2020. During the same time period, public relations specialists careers are expected to grow 23 percent, and public relations managers positions should grow 16 percent.

Public relations work is also growing in social media positions. New online media outlets create more work for needed public relations professionals, which opens the door to many new jobs. Organizations are also contracting out public relations services rather than supporting more full-time staff when additional work is needed.

Average Salary for Public Relations

The median annual wages for public relations personnel depend on the job position, location, and type of organization or business that they’re working for. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has broken down the median annual wage in different categories.

The median annual wage in May 2010 for public relations positions are as follows:

  • Public Relations Managers: $91,810
  • Public Relations Specialists: $52,090
  • Total of all public relations occupations: $33,840

The BLS also states that most public relations managers and specialists work full time, some working additional hours.

There are also other positions that are similar to public relations, and may be within the public relations departments of organizations and businesses. The median annual salaries for these positions are as follows:

  • Advertising Sales Agents: $45,350
  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers: $108,260
  • Demonstrators and Product Promoters: $23,110
  • Market Research Analysts: $60,570
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives: $56,620

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